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Avalife Femiflora Caps 30`s

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Avalife Femi Flora Caps 30S is a probiotic strain of premium quality that has been formulated with a combination of D-mannose and organic cranberry fruit juice powder. It is excellent in the elimination of urinary tract infections.

Unique features:

  • Premium quality, documented probiotic strains yield 7 billion CFUs per capsule.
  • strains are acid snd bile resistant, making it more potent.
  • Excellent combination of organic cranberry fruit juice powder and D- Mannose helps eliminate urinary tract infections.


Helps to improve and maintain urinary tract and gastro-intestinal health in women.

Helps prevent recurrent urinary tract infections(UTIs) in women.

Provides antioxidants for the maintanance of good health.

Recommended dose:

Adults (18years and above): Take 1 capsule orally, daily in the morning before breakfast. If on antibiotic medication take at least 2-3hrs before or after.


If you have nausea, fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea or severe abdominal pain, which persists beyond 3 days discontinue use and consult medical advise.

Use with caution in patients suffering from short-gut syndrme and in severly immuno-compromised condition.


Avalife Femiflora Caps 30`s
KES 2,400.00
KES 2,400.00

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