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Bactigras 10gm*10m 10`s

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Bactigras is an Impregnated Dressing. Chlorhexidine 0.5% in white paraffin impregnated into a tulle sheet dressing. It is active against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


For wounds with signs and symptoms (S&S) of local wound infection.
May also be used prophylactically to prevent infection in clients at high risk for developing a wound infection.
Safe to use on all ages.


Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.
Do not use for client with known sensitivity or allergy to Chlorhexidine or paraffin
Avoid contact with the eyes, middle ear, meninges and brain
Do not use on more than 10% of the body area.


Application Directions 

Cleanse the wound with sterile normal saline or an approved wound cleanser; use sterile gauze to
wipe away excess solution and debris. Pat to dry the wound.
Cut to fit the Bactigras dressing to the size of the wound.
Remove the opaque covering from the dressing and apply in a
single layer over the wound bed.
Overlap onto the surrounding skin can cause maceration and multiple layering may cause the wound bed to become too wet.
Apply appropriate cover dressing to maintain a moisture balanced wound environment.
The choice of cover dressing is depended upon the amount of exudate expected.

How to Remove
Carefully lift away the dressing and discard.
If dressing has been cut ensure all loose fibres are removed from wound bed when cut fibers may fray.
Bactigras should not adhere to the wound bed and should lift with no trauma. If dressing does adhere, then soak it off gently with Normal Saline

Frequency of Change
The Bactigras dressing may be left in place when the absorbent secondary dressing is changed.
The frequency of changing the Bactigras dressing will depend on the clinical circumstances and this can vary from more than once a day to twice per week.

Bactigras 10gm*10m 10`s
KES 1,650.00
KES 1,650.00

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