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Optum Health Pharmacy

C-vitan Z

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C-Vitan Z consists of Vitamin C 1000mg and Zinc 10mg is a natural immunity booster. It also contains antioxidant properties. It contains “Vitamin C” extracted from the natural sources that helps build and maintain immunity.
C-Vitan Z Vitamin C and Zinc is available in a pack of 20 effervescent tablets and is completely a vegetarian product.

Vitamin C and Zinc provide a synergistic effect (double effect) helps in building immunity.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) helps in the growth, development and repair of body tissues and also acts as antioxidant support by preventing free-radical mediated cell damage

Boosts overall skin health by repairing skin damage and imparts skin glow. It also helps in improving skin texture, premature ageing, collagen formation and imparts clear skin.

How to Use
Dissolve one tablet in 200ml of water and wait for the effervescent (bubbles) tablet to dissolve completely without stirring. Drink the potable liquid and close the cap of the container firmly after each utilisation.

Consume one effervescent tablet in a glassful of water during workouts.
Do not consume health supplements as substituents for diet food.
Not recommended for age groups below 14.
Consume before 3months from opening the pack.
Read the contents of the package carefully before use.

C-vitan Z
KES 835.00
KES 835.00

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