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Duolac Syrup 200ml

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Duphalac (Lactulose) is a laxative, is a synthetic sugar used to treat constipation (difficulty pooing). It is broken down in the colon into products that pull water out from the body and into the colon. This water softens stools. It’s also taken to help a condition caused by severe liver disease called hepatic encephalopathy; it is used to reduce the amount of ammonia in the blood of patients with liver disease.  Can be taken during pregnancy and is not harmful to your baby although it is always better to treat constipation without taking a medicine first. It does not pass into breast milk so it’s very unlikely to cause any side effects in your baby.



Adults – 15ml, taken twice a day as a starting dose

Children aged 5 – 17 years – 5ml to 20ml, taken twice a day

Children aged 1 – 4 years – 2.5ml to 10ml, taken twice a day

Babies aged 1 – 11 months – 2.5ml, taken twice a day



Lactulose may cause abdominal discomfort associated with flatulence or cramps. Nausea and vomiting have occasionally been reported after high doses. Some consider the taste to be unpleasant. Prolonged use or excessive dosage may result in diarrhoea with excessive loss of water and electrolytes, particularly potassium. Hypernatraemia has been reported.

Duolac Syrup 200ml
KES 720.00
KES 720.00

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