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Fastum Gel 100g

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Well-known is the marked antiphlogistic and pain-antagonizing activity of ketoprofen, the most effective compound in this sense amongst the synthesized nonsteroid drugs. This is the active substance of ketoprofen gel which therefore enables the topical percutaneous treatment of the painful, phlogistic or traumatic affections of the joints, the tendons, the ligaments and the muscles. It also contributes in contingent association with the proper treatments by usual route to the prompt recovery of the superficial inflammatory processes involving skin, veins, lymphatic vessels, lymph glands. A suitable excipient ensures the transcutaneous penetration of ketoprofen without provoking any systemic-like side effects; tolerability is excellent in the application site even for the most sensitive skin.


Apply the gel (3-5 cm, depending on the extent of the involved area) on the skin once or twice daily, gently rubbing in to help absorption.



The use, especially if prolonged, of topical products may cause phenomena of sensitisation or local irritation. In order to avoid any reaction of hypersensitivity or photosensitivity, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, including solarium (sunbeds), during treatment and the 2 weeks thereafter.
It is advisable not to apply Fastum Gel on open wounds or in any other case in which there has been a loss of skin integrity. Fastum gel does not cause habituation.
Use in pregnancy & lactation: In pregnant and breastfeeding women, it should be administered only in cases of real necessity and under medical supervision.

Fastum Gel 100g
KES 1,800.00
KES 1,800.00

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