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Karvol Caps 10`s

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Karvol capsule is an inhalant capsule containing a combination of aromatic ingredients. It includes a variety of menthol, chlorophyll, eucalyptol, terpinol and camphor. Various conditions can lead to respiratory discomfort. Karvol capsule relieves the pain by acting as a decongestant.

 A cold or respiratory infection can cause nasal congestion. This medicine also provides instant relief from the associated nasal congestion. When mixed with steam, this medicine helps thin the mucus and allows it to drain from your nose. Karvol also relieves pain, breathing difficulties, infection and local irritation.

Directions for use

For adults, children and babies over 3 months: For effective relief, snip off the tip on one or two capsules. Squeeze contents into 500 ml of hot water and inhale the vapour. Alternatively apply contents directly onto a tissue, pillow or into a humidifier. A new capsule may be used every four hours.


Karvol capsules should be used only for inhalation, as your doctor advises. Avoid direct contact with eyes, nose and mouth. Karvol should not be used for asthma. The safety of this medicine is not established during pregnancy and breastfeeding, do not use it unless confirmed by your doctor.

Karvol Caps 10`s
KES 530.00
KES 530.00

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