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Maalox Lemon Stick 460mg/susp 20`s

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Maalox Stick sachets provides fast effecting relief from heartburn/hyper acidity/ indigestion/burning sensations in the stomach or chest area and bloating or gas pain that may occur after a meal. It is an antacid suspension that relieves your symptoms in two different ways: Antacid- Neutralises excess stomach acid. Anti-gas Ingredient- reduces gas pain and pressure.


Oral suspension as single doses of 4.3 mL: 1–2 sachets to treat heartburn and food reflux. Do not take more than 12 sachets a day. Before use, mix the suspension carefully by rubbing the sachet between your fingers. Swallow the sachet without diluting.


Excessive use of the medicine may cause diarrhoea or constipation. Aluminium hydroxide may cause constipation and overdose of magnesium salts may cause the intestinal activity to slow down

Maalox Lemon Stick 460mg/susp 20`s
KES 1,165.00
KES 1,165.00

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