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Travocort Cream 15gm

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This medicine contains two active substances, isoconazole nitrate and diflucortolone valerate. Isoconazole nitrate treats fungal diseases of the skin and diflucortolone valerate suppresses inflammation of the skin and soothes complaints such as itching, burning and pain.

Travocort is used for the initial or interim treatment of those superficial fungal infections of the skin which are accompanied by highly inflammatory or eczematous skin conditions, e.g., in the region of the hands, the interdigital spaces of the feet, and in the groin and genital regions.


Always use this medicine exactly as the doctor or pharmacist has told to. Check with them if unsure.
Travocort should be applied twice daily to the diseased areas of skin. Stop using Travocort when the skin conditions have improved. In general, the duration of treatment must not exceed 2 weeks. 

Regular hygienic measures are essential for successful Travocort treatment.


Travocort Cream must not be used if: allergic to isoconazole nitrate or diflucortolone valerate or any of the other ingredients of this medicine, skin lesions,  a viral infection, a chronic skin inflammation of the face (rosacea) and around the mouth (perioral dermatitis), a skin reaction is present following vaccination in the area to be treated.

Regular hygienic measures are essential: Washing the affected area twice daily - in the morning and evening - with alkali free soap helps the healing process.

In fungal infections of the toes, dry the affected area, in particular the area between the toes, thoroughly after washing.

Change personal linen, cloths, underwear, stockings or socks daily and boil them to avoid renewed infections.

If Travocort is applied to the genital areas, some of its ingredients may cause damage to latex products such as condoms or diaphragms. Talk to the doctor or pharmacist if more information is required.

In infections of the interdigital spaces, it is advisable to place a strip of gauze smeared with Travocort between the toes or finger.

Travocort Cream 15gm
KES 905.00
KES 905.00

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